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CTI Food Services is currently searching for a Refrigeration Technician to join our growing team. The Refrigeration Technician is responsible for maintaining, operating, inspecting, and repairing various types of ammonia refrigeration equipment. This position performs preventative and predictive maintenance as directed by direct Supervisor, verifies that all equipment is operating within the manufacturer's specifications and tolerances through periodic testing and inspections.

Duties include:

●  Perform PM maintenance and repairs as directed by the direct Supervisor on refrigeration equipment such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, pumps, valves, among others.

●  Replacement of defective mechanical and manual valves

●  Control the equipment set points to accommodate the needs of our customers and maintain the integrity of their product.

●  Ability to follow verbal and written instructions

●  Maintain control of the water treatment system and associated chemicals

●  Remove ice buildup from evaporator drain pans, investigate the cause and correct the problem

●  Work in motor room, freezer, and blast cell areas

●  Drain oil from ammonia system

●  Work directly with all refrigeration contractors, electricians, and pipe fitters when they are working on the ammonia refrigeration system to ensure that they are following all of the company safety policies and meeting work standards.

●  Inspect ammonia detection system

●  Ensure that all ammonia system safeguards are functioning properly at all times

●  Other duties and responsibilities assigned by direct Supervisor.

Job Requirements


●  Minimum of 1 year of ammonia refrigeration experience

●  General knowledge of various types of mechanical equipment

●  Must have general knowledge of PSM/RMP and other OSHA /EPA programs.

●  Strong communication skills and strong team player

●  Welding experience helpful

●  Train other mechanics in refrigeration tasks

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