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The Substrate Laborer works in a team led by Substrate Operator to fill and case mushroom houses with substrate.   It is critical that the Substrate Laborer works well with the team and under the guidance of Substrate Operator to fill and case the houses to the standards set forth by Growing Management.  The Substrate Laborer will also be utilized on non-filling/casing days to assist in other labor tasks around the farm as directed by the farm manager. 

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • Experience working in a similar environment
  • Experience with farm machinery/vehicles desired, but not required

Job Description


  • The safe and efficient operation of mushroom substrate loading and casing
  • Use of various types of Farm Machinery
  • Pre-shift and post-shift inspection of equipment
  • Routine care of equipment to include greasing, cleaning, sanitizing, etc.
  • Hand-tool operation as needed with items such as shovels, brooms, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned by Farm Management

Skills and abilities

  • The ability to read and interpret standard operating procedures and safety protocols
  • Be flexible and reliable
  • Ability to handle heavy workloads, in which can be physically demanding
  • Ability to work at a high-level height

Job Demands

Physical Demands

  • Always required to sit, stand, or walk
  • Always required to see with or without corrective lenses
  • Always required to utilize fine motor coordination in hands and arms
  • Occasionally required to lift up to25 pounds, occasionally required to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Occasionally required to balance, stoop, or crouch
  • Regularly required to climb stairs

Work Environment

  • Always required to act professionally
  • Occasionally exposed to a variety of temperatures, weather conditions, and sound levels
  • Occasionally exposed to hazardous conditions requiring personal protective equipment

Cognitive Skills

  • Always required to think, evaluate, and make decisions
  • Always required to analyze, study, compare, and report
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