Shipping & Inventory Manager at Theodore, AL

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Purpose of the position

The purpose of this position is to provide materials, equipment, and supplies by directing receiving, warehousing, shipping, and distribution services as well as physically maintain and handle all warehousing areas of the plant.  This position will also direct, manage, and coordinate logistics and customer service activities internally and externally. Also, this position will assist and maintain inventory controls as well as manage, train, and develop the warehousing team.

Responsibilities & duties

  • Manage all existing systems and processes and develop, propose, and implement new processes, systems, and procedures as deemed necessary.
  • Monitor all relevant department metrics and KPI's Errors and Omissions, On Time deliveries and Selection of shipments, take associated actions where necessary.
  • Plans and coordinates warehousing and transportation in the distribution chain.
  • Suggest and lead/participate in improvement and development measures to reduce costs gain efficiencies for all areas of responsibility.
  • Define and implement development plans for staff by identifying training needs, team meetings, and mentoring.
  • Review cycle count accuracy and material variance analysis and develop improvement plans
  • Understand all excess, inactive, and obsolete inventory, and drive disposition to either find alternative uses, return to vendor, sell at a discount.
  • Identify inventory drivers in planning, procurement, manufacturing, quality, etc.


  • High School Diploma Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Work experience & skills

  • Must have at least five (5) years’ experience in Warehouse and Logistics in an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) Environment.
  • Possess three (3) years’ experience as a Warehouse Supervisor
  • Demonstrated effective leadership abilities required
  • Previous Forklift experience preferred. Specifically, Stand up Reach Forklift
  • Proficient with PC-based software including Microsoft Office Suite, including intermediate knowledge of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel




This job will require working in varying physical conditions from hot to cold and dry to wet, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, this position will be required to be in both an office and production environment.


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