Refrigeration Tech III at North East, MD

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·         Oversee and manage Refrigeration, Electrical, and HVAC systems including monitoring and trending, troubleshooting and repairs (Compressors, condensers, fans, heating, cooling, contactors, motors, microprocessors, frequency drives, etc.),

·         Make decisions regarding operating strategies, setpoints and limits

·         Optimize system operations for improved cost and reliability

·         Schedule and perform major repairs and rebuilds (excluding compressor rebuilds)

·         Recommend system upgrades and improvements

·         Perform system inspections and mechanical integrity checks

·         Participate extensively in the Process Safety Management and Risk Management programs

·         Perform complex troubleshooting

·         Oversee or inspect system construction / installation activities

·         Coordinate shutdowns and pumpdowns

·         Administer preventative and predictive maintenance systems

·         Responsible for daily communication of all pertinent information regarding system operation and maintenance to departmental management and maintenance teams.

·         Responsible for housekeeping and clean up of refrigeration machine rooms, refrigeration maintenance areas, and all project areas on a daily basis.

·         Required to interpret and understand plans and specifications, schematics, operating and maintenance manuals, etc. for systems being overseen.

·         Assist management in developing standard operating procedures, daily work schedules, and duty cycles for all repairs and maintenance for refrigeration and HVAC systems.

·         Assist in managing outside mechanical and refrigeration contractors conducting service, repair and new contract work. Assist management in creation of budgets for individual projects, yearly capital and yearly operating expenses.

This position will also assist the building and material handling equipment maintenance teams. Duties will include assisting in general building repairs, electrical troubleshooting and repairs, forklift repair and maintenance, changing and servicing lift batteries, and other general maintenance activities.


·      Candidate will obtain OSHA Level A Hazmat Certification (24Hours, Medical Certification) within 90 days of employment. They must also be able to wear a full face air purifying respirator and pass a fit test.

·      Candidate must be willing to be on call for after-hours refrigeration issues.

·      Review semi-annual service reports and make recommendations for corrective action of all action items.

·      Assist Corporate Refrigeration Team in annual capital budget planning.


To perform at a proficient level and be fully qualified, a person would be expected to have:

Education (Minimum Needed):  Associate 2 year in HVACR, Refrigeration/Electrical, Trade School Certification

RETA CIRO Certification Required or equivalent experience

Experience (Minimum Needed):  6  years in Refrigeration/Electrical/HVAC

Specialized Knowledge Needed For Performance of Job:  Ammonia Refrigeration & CFC Certification

Special Skills:  Glycol Systems, computer systems operating platform,  HAZMAT, advanced skills in electrical systems

Other:  OSHA, Good Manufacturing Processes, PSM, RMP

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