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Purpose of the position

The Master Production Scheduler is responsible for master production scheduling for Mobile and Madisonville and the management of finished goods, work in process, excess and obsolete inventory.  This position is a key driver in ensuring adequate inventory is available for fulfilment of customer demand, capacity, load, supply, and demand management for production. In addition, this position plays a critical role in managing and advising senior management on capacity constraints and production lead times. This position will require critical thinking and decision making, consistency and professionalism, and the can-do drive required to succeed in a high-pressure environment


Responsibilities & duties

▌Responsibility 1 – Create and schedule yearly, monthly, and daily production plans, based on customer and company needs.

Work standard – Works with the procurement team, operations team, and other key employees/cross-functional teams to align daily, weekly, and monthly production needs.  Develops efficient, accurate, and timely schedule adjustments.

▌Responsibility 2 – Maintain finished goods inventory at target levels to ensure high service levels, i.e. product availability.

Work standard – Develop balance between existing and future customer demand needs with manufacturing and procurement to ensure fulfilment of customer demand.

▌Responsibility 3 – Implement Strategic Inventory Management through management of raw ingredients, work in process, finished goods, excess and obsolete inventory, storage, and service levels.

Work standard – Implement medium to short-term production schedules to maintain tactical inventory levels through the creation of a supply plan to minimize critical product supply and demand issues.

▌Responsibility 4 – Drives process stabilization and improvement through innovative process solutions.

 Work standard – Develop and implement technical project management tools such as master production schedules that take advantage of conversion opportunities to maximize plant performance. 

Academic qualifications

Essential: College degree with an advanced degree preferred.

Desirable : Accounting and Production Information and Control (APICS) Certified Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

Work experience & skills


  • 5 – 7 years progressive experience in Supply Chain Management with sound knowledge of supply chain processes and procedures including manufacturing, planning, demand, and replenishment.
  • Experience using MRP/ERP systems with keen problem solving/analytical skills.
  • Understand and have experience in packaging, production, maintenance, and raw material processes
  • Ability to work as a leader and in collaboration with other cross functional teams and individuals. 

Desirable :

  •  3 – 5 years production planning or scheduling in an operations management or equivalent work experience within a manufacturing environment.  
  • Strong attention to detail to maintain the integrity and accuracy of large amounts of data.
  • Experienced in a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational and presentation skills.

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