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Purpose of Position

The purpose of this position is to perform tasks related to preventative maintenance, mechanical machine repairs, building maintenance and specific projects.  Responsible for maintenance and repair of production and support equipment, buildings and grounds.  Responsible for making improvements to existing equipment and the plant facility.

Position Responsibilities and Job Functions

  1. Role model and demonstrate the Company’s core values of respect, honesty, integrity, diversity, inclusion and the safety of others.
  2. Follow established programs, policies, and practices to produce safe quality foods that meet regulatory and company requirements.
  3. Support the development, implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of the SQF Systems.
  4. Accountable to the Kroger Manufacturing Food Safety and Quality Principles.
  5. Associate is required to immediately report any food safety concerns to a member of the site leadership team.  Associate is expected to stop production when they deem food safety is at risk.  The associate must then notify a member of the site leadership team.
  6. Follow established safety programs, policies, and practices to maintain an accident-free workplace.
  7. Actively participate in the behavioral safety process, BAPP®, by completing observations as scheduled to identify and eliminate at-risk conditions and behaviors to maintain an accident-free workplace.
  8. Install, troubleshoot, and repair complex mechanical equipment and distribution systems involving work of varied nature with minimal supervision.
  9. Install, maintain and repair machinery, equipment, physical structures and pipe and electrical systems in the facility.
  10. Perform general mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair on assigned department equipment utilities and the physical plant.
  11. Construct mechanical systems/elements from verbal instructions or written documents.
  12. Ensure work meets National, State, and Local mechanical and electrical codes including following NFPA 70E code.
  13. Works alone, with others or with vendors and/or contractors to accomplish assigned tasks.
  14. Installs, repairs, rearranges complex equipment.
  15. Diagnose complex equipment failures including PLC/HMI troubleshooting and repair.
  16. Dismantle, repair and reassemble complex equipment.
  17. Works from drawings, sketches, manuals and/or verbal instructions.
  18. Fabricates, machines, and welds parts and materials as needed.
  19. Operates various types of equipment such as fork truck, electric pallet jacks, man lift, etc.
  20. Enter and record correct data from preventive maintenance tasks into the line event data system, KDT.
  21. Enter and record correct data into EMPAC.
  22. Complete assigned work orders and properly account for all hours worked using time sheets or computer entry.
  23. Ensure all parts used are properly checked out and accounted for.
  24. Assist maintenance administrative personnel as needed with the procurement of parts, refinement of PM’s, project activities, etc.
  25. Communicate with production personnel and operations resource leaders on problems that affect production or the safe operation of equipment.
  26. Diagnose defects or faults in wirings and electrical devices using multi-meters, amprobes, and by following wiring diagrams, schematics and/or written specifications.
  27. Diagnose mechanical defects such as wear, misalignment or fatigue to determine if an item is within tolerances specified by machine manuals, drawings and prints.
  28. Determine the best repair method and selects the proper tools and materials for a particular task and insures that the proper parts and supplies are available prior to starting a job.
  29. Lubricate motors, shafts, gears, bearings, air lines or other devices when required.
  30. Read/interpret plant drawings, line ladder logic diagrams, schematics, and blueprints.
  31. Interface with vendors, manufacturers’ representatives, and field service personnel.
  32. Knowledge of and qualified to repair PLC controls.
  33. Operate production equipment to check work and make adjustments.
  34. Assist with the operation of production equipment based on the business needs of a department or the plant in general.
  35. Perform preventive and predictive maintenance using available instruments and analysis programs and provide support to team in the Predictive and Preventative maintenance program.
  36. Reduce equipment stops through continuous improvement activity.
  37. Perform other duties as assigned.
  38. Support a Customer 1st culture by thinking and acting with the Customer in mind to positively impact quality, service and prices of our manufactured products.
  39. Support the manufacturing sustainability program to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to strengthen our commitment to “Doing our Part” that will enable our Customer to “Do their Part”.
  40. Support a culture of continuous improvement by maximizing assets and minimizing downtime in an effort to reduce costs for our customers.
  41. Support the TPC process by championing and implementing process improvements and working inclusively and collaboratively to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  42. Participate in TPC events by being engaged and willing to make decisions with the customer in mind.

Position Relationship

  • Position requires day-to-day contact with maintenance group resource leader as well as frequent communication with contractors.

Degree of Authority

  • This position will direct and/or lead contractors to complete scheduled work as well as direct associates during repair of production equipment to minimize the amount of line downtime due to mechanical breakdown.


Knowledge – Requires the ability to understand general arithmetic; speak and write in a clear and understandable manner for internal/external relations; understand difficult verbal or written instruction; knowledge ordinarily acquired through high school plus up to one (1) year of technical or equivalent experience.  Specialized training in mechanical, electrical and Allen-Bradley PLC preferred. 

This position also requires the ability to understand computer applications.  This position currently utilizes:  KDT and EMPAC.

Mental – Requires normal attention with periods of high concentration intermittently.  Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instruction furnished in written, oral or diagram form (essential functions 1-42).

Physical – Requires walking/standing approximately 75% of the time; lifting up to 75 pounds approximately 75% of the time; involves frequent bending/squatting; regularly carrying tools; occasionally required to twist to perform tasks.

Environmental – Requires capability of performing essential job functions within an established manufacturing environment under normal lighting and climate tolerances (essential functions 1-42).

Manual Dexterity – Requires use of hands, arms, and feet for repetitive lifting; use of hands and arms to perform work orders, operate, machine shop equipment and other assembly line equipment as needed to perform essential tasks (essential functions 1-42).

Audible/Visual – Requires ability to hear (essential functions 1-42); requires ability to visually observe essential job functions for satisfactory performance (essential functions 1-42).

Leadership Behaviors

Puts the Customer First – Anticipates customer needs, champions for the customer, acts with customers in mind, exceeds customers’ expectations, gains customers’ trust and respect.

Communicates Effectively and Candidly – Communicates clearly and directly, approachable, relates well to others, engages people and helps them understand change, provides and seeks feedback, articulates clearly, actively listens.

Achieves Results through Teamwork – Is open to diverse ideas, works inclusively and collaboratively, holds self and others accountable, involves others to accomplish individual and team goals.

Leads through Positive Influence – Demonstrates strong character, builds partnerships; models a conscious balance between work and personal life; takes personal responsibility for own development; role models leadership qualities such as motivation, inspiration, passion and trust.

Coaches and Develops Others – Develops and cares about associates, builds effective teams, helps people be their best, values and manages diversity, provides candid and constructive feedback.

Leads Change and Innovation – Challenges the status quo, embraces technology, puts forward creative ideas, champions and implements process improvements, gathers the ideas of others, demonstrates good judgment about which ideas will work.

Executes with Excellence – Is action oriented, drives for results, sets clear expectations and milestones, reviews progress, acts decisively, solves problems, can be counted on to consistently meet or exceed goals.

Provides Clear and Strategic Direction – Plans and organizes well, sets a clear and simple course of action, stays focused on the most important priorities, has the ability to visualize and plan for the future, understands the industry and marketplace.

Safety Awareness – Identifying and correcting conditions that affect employee safety; upholding safety standards.

Additional Comments

  • Participate in all plant initiatives (Safety, Quality, Continuous Improvement, etc.)
  • Must review JSA at a minimum of one time per year for each task available or when changes to work area or assigned equipment are made
  • Perform other job functions as may be assigned and be flexible to work any shift, including weekends, as needed. 


The above description is intended to describe the general content, identify the essential job functions and set forth the requirements for the performance of this job.  It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of job functions or requirements.



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