Maintenance Mechanic at Tarboro NC

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Tasks (brief description of the tasks the applicant will be responsible for)

Support and follow all Sara Lee Frozen Bakery (SLFB) rules and procedures and maintain a good safety record.  Good attendance record.  Good housekeeping support and follow all GMP procedures. The ability to assemble and disassemble all the equipment that is required to be setup in your area of responsibility. Knowledge of power tools (drills, porter bands, and grinders). Remove and replace sprockets and chains. Repair and replace electrical plugs such as Cannon plugs and drop cords. The ability to repair tabletop conveyors, Wenway conveyors, and lacing belts. Troubleshooting and resolving equipment issues on assigned shift. Performing preventive maintenance on assigned equipment. Lubricating, rebuilding and replacing parts. Responsible for cleaning machinery as related to maintenance. Perform additional tasks as needed to include, but not limited to cross training on other machines and or in other areas.

Requirements (minimum requirements in order to be considered for the job)

3 years of work experience in manufacturing environment as an Industrial Mechanic.  Basic welding skills (Tig and Stick welding).

Programming and timing of the line (for programming: insert the values that required operating equipment such as depositor and conveyor speeds).

Knowledge and skills in pneumatics and hydraulics.

Ability to repair and replace bearing, gearboxes, shafts, and seals.

Ability and skills in pneumatics and hydraulic.

Basic knowledge of shop tools such as Mill, Lathe, and Drill Press.

Basic skills at boring sprockets and cutting keyways into a shafts, and seals.

Experience in using Multi Meter, Amprobe, and Magger.

Electrical skills to troubleshoot motors, manual switches, disconnect, fuses, and frequency drives.

Ability to read and troubleshoot with an electrical blue print.

Skill to read and troubleshooting AC, DC circuit controls.

Skills in bending and running conduit.

Knowledge and skill in industrial control wiring and troubleshooting.

Knowledge of programmer logic controller (Allen Bradley 5/15 and SLC 500 series). Skills to connect crash cart, ability to use the AB software, troubleshooting various components. Ability to troubleshoot and calibrate scales and metal detectors. Ability to troubleshoot and repair various jet printers in the facility.

Strong communication skills; able to work with cross functional departments within the organization.  Good problem solving skills. 

Work overtime and weekends as needed.

Understand and follow verbal and written instructions. 

Must be able and willing to lift up to 50 lbs. 

Must be willing to work in a production environment requiring safety glasses, hair/beard net, hearing protection, and rubber boots with safety toe.  All PPE is provided by SLFB.  Must be willing to climb up and down stairs to enter/exit the production area, walk over boot scrubbers prior to entering work areas, and withstand cold and hot environments.  Must be willing to work 8-12 hour shifts which include standing, walking, reaching over conveyors, lifting and pushing items.

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