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Perdue Foods is part of Perdue Farms, a family-owned company heading into it's second century of growth and innovation. With a goal of becoming the most trusted name in premium proteins, we create products for consumers and for retail and foodservice customers around the globe, while changing the way animals are raised for food.


The Industrial Engineer provides engineering, planning, and business services to the Washington, IN complex to develop and maintain highly cost efficient operations.  

This position is eligible for a comprehensive relocation package.

Principal and Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identifies areas for and implements studies beneficial to improving facility efficiency.  Determines proper methods that promote conservation of product, labor, materials, costs, safety, ergonomic stresses and equipment.
  • Analyzes operations and results of studies to develop more effective methods of operation.  Implements improvements upon management acceptance.
  • Develops and maintains standards and controls for production shrinks, yields, machine capacities and efficiency, manning and operating strategy from raw material receipt to finished goods.  Utilizes the following techniques in the developing the engineered standards, but not limited to:  time study, work sampling, predetermined time standards and actual performance measures.  Measures productivity, audit standards and update standards as warranted.
  • Plant coordinator with research and development, operations management and financial analysis, on the development and successful implementation of all new products or processes at the plant level through: Items #1 to #3 above, proper analysis of process impact, process cost, developing plant layouts and communicates associated risk and the critical control points.  Provides input to product specification, labor staffing estimates, etc.
  • Trains and supervises training of associates in new methods and procedures implemented in operation and develop materials and procedures for training.
  • Analyzes, models, evaluates, simulates, tests, obtains approval and implements plant layouts, modifications and relocations of facilities utilizing various software packages including but not limited to the following:  Excel, Lotus, simulation packages and AutoCAD.  Maintains plant layouts in AutoCAD.
  • Assists in the identification, selection, obtaining and installing equipment and/or improved operating procedures for the plant.

Minimum Education and Experience

BS degree, or equivalent related work experience in Industrial Engineering or related field, plus 3 – 5 years of related work experience.


The Ideal Candidate:

  • Experience with AutoCAD
  • Excellent oral, written, team building and negotiation skills. 
  • Ability to demonstrate strong planning, problem solving and analytical skills. Must be able to prioritize and organize work effectively. 
  • Strong technical competence with computers; Microsoft Office, database development and management. 
  • Solid knowledge of technical equipment related to fleet safety and security.  


Environmental Factors and Physical Requirements

  1. Position is active.  On the floor activities such as troubleshooting and re-design of existing systems are routine.
  2. May need to move equipment occasionally.
  3. May need to access files, supplies and equipment.
  4. Work activity is where the processing equipment is located.
  5. Work environment includes, but is not limited to, a normal office environment and construction site as well as climate extremes found in a poultry processing operation, feed mill, hatchery and a waste water treatment facility.
  6. Position requires an associate to have the ability to move throughout the complex and all facilities.
  7. When in a plant environment:
  • Exposure primarily consists of wet and moist floors which include metal and plastic grating surfaces.
  • May be exposed to temperatures of 28 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with both ambient and 100% humidity.
  • May handle product 25 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • May be exposed to noise ranges of 50 db to 110 db.
  • May be exposed to all chemicals used in poultry, food, processing facility.
  • Must wear and use protective and safety equipment required for the job as directed by the Company


      8. Must be able to work in confined and or permit required confined spaces and heights.

      9. Must be able to work on and or around operating equipment.

     10. Must be trained and use Lockout/Tagout

 Perdue Farms, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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