Boiler/Refrigeration Mechanic I at Othello WA

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This position is responsible for maintenance and operation of all equipment, including air compressors, in the Boiler/Refrigeration system.


The Boiler/Refrigeration Mechanic is a member of the maintenance team, which includes a clerk, wet end mechanics, packaging mechanics, electricians, process control technicians, grounds waste disposal attendants, teamleaders, area supervisors, and the department manager. This position reports primarily to the Boiler/Refrigeration maintenance supervisor and to the maintenance teamleader and shift manager on shift.

The Othello facility is one of eight plants (Moses Lake, WA; Nampa, ID; Aberdeen, ID; Caldwell, ID; Heyburn, ID; Hermiston, OR; and Grand Forks, ND) within the processed potatoes division of the Food Group Division of the J.R. Simplot Company that produces food service French fries, granulated dehydrated mashed potatoes, shredded and southern style hash browns and specialty products.

The individual in this position must be capable of performing mechanical repairs in all areas of their responsibility and be fully capable of operating all Boiler/Refrigeration equipment and support systems.

The individual in this position must establish and maintain open communications and productive work relationships with maintenance teamleaders, operators, attendants, laborers, mechanics, maintenance supervisors, the shift manager and all area teamleaders

The area of work includes both inside the facility and outside, depending on work requirements. Weekend and overtime work in this position is common and may be required to meet operational goals. This position requires the ability to work in extreme environments of hot and cold.

The individual in this position will be required to fully understand the purpose and operation of the Boiler/Refrigeration system and have the ability to make decisions based on sound judgment when a situation dictates. It is imperative the Boiler/Refrigeration Mechanics conduct themselves in a manner that ensures alertness and constant awareness of the safe operation of equipment and its surroundings.


1. Ensures the operation of the Boiler/Refrigeration system is conducted efficiently and safely in cooperation with the maintenance teamleader, process teamleader, and packaging teamleader to achieve operational goals.

2. Ensures the efficient operation of all equipment, including air compressors, in the Boiler/Refrigeration area by using preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, overhauling and repairing equipment to achieve operational goals.

3. Ensures the accuracy of data reporting systems such as DMACS, refrigeration logs, boiler logs and cold storage warehouse recorders.

4. Conducts inspection on the fire sprinkler system as required.

5. Performs ARC, MIG, TIG, and Acetylene cutting and welding in a safe and correct manner when repairing and fabricating equipment.

6. Ensures effective training of new Boiler/Refrigeration mechanics.

7. Ensures that work orders are completed as assigned.

8. Maintains work area in a clean and functional condition.

9. Performs assigned responsibilities during plant evacuation or other emergency situations, which includes the fire sprinkler system.

10. Ensures attendance and participation in training activities appropriate to the position and incorporates acquired skills and knowledge.

11. Ensures no injuries to self or others by following safe work practices and policies.

12. Ensures self-compliance with Company policies and procedures and Union Labor Agreement.

13. Ensures the interface with team members and other support groups is conducted in a participative management style consistent with operational goals.

14. Conducts self in a professional manner and ensures personal appearance meets the standards necessary to perform the job function and while representing the Company.

15. Ensures that additional accountabilities as may be required by management be handled in a manner necessary to meet operational Divisional standards.


1. Must be able to drive a standard or manual transmission vehicle and have a valid Washington State Driver’s license.

2. Must have a minimum of two years experience in Refrigeration systems operation and maintenance or equivalent as approved by the Boiler/Refrigeration Area Supervisor.

3. Must have a minimum of one-year experience in Boiler systems operation and maintenance or equivalent as approved by the Boiler/Refrigeration Area Supervisor.

4. Must have RETA Certification-(CIRO) Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator

. 5. Must have maintained basic qualification for at least six months as Boiler/Refrigeration Mechanic II in the Othello Plant.

6. Must be able to read and interpret written instructions, manufacturers’ manuals, material safety data sheets, and engineering drawings.

7. Must be able to use written logbooks, plant computer system, and maintenance work order and supply system.

8. Must be able to communicate orally.

9. Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.

10. Must be able to work under extreme conditions, such as hot, wet and cold environments; inside and outside the Plant.

11. Must be able to climb stairs, ladders, catwalks, and maneuver in close quarters.

12. Must be able to use personal protective equipment, such as respirators, SCBA, and safety harness.

13. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.

14. Ability to operate a lift truck and aerial lift equipment once trained and certified.

15. Must meet the standards on Fall Restraints as stated in WAC 296-155-24510 Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest Systems.


The J.R. Simplot Company reserves the right to add to change or modify this job description at any time.


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