Refrigeration Utility Technician at Bakersfield CA

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Position Summary

 This is a utility maintenance craftsman position responsible for preventative, predictive and breakdown maintenance of plant assets in an efficient manner to improve reliability. This candidate will be responsible for operating and maintaining all of the plants ammonia systems for engine room #1 and engine room #2 including equipment such as boilers, air compressors, waste water treatment, HVAC and incoming power distribution systems. Basic PLC experience is a plus. Also utility technicians are responsible for following EPA-RMP/Federal PSM regulatory rules and standards. The successful candidate must be willing to work toward developing and maintaining a high level of standards in regards to the Utility Department.



  1. Responsibilities will include: repairs and preventive maintenance of all the refrigeration systems, HVAC systems, inspecting the equipment, and performing daily rounds to ensure compliance of our PSM and RMP policies.
  2. Refrigeration background with the ability to understand refrigeration advanced 2-stage design concepts such as the “Down-flow design as well as the traditional 2-stage refrigeration system design is highly desired.
  3. Perform routine and breakdown maintenance of boilers, air compressors, condensers systems and waste-water treatment system.
  4. Knowledge of the typical refrigeration cycle, ammonia control valves, and related piping as needed for safe service and repair.
  5. Must be able to read and follow basic and advanced drawings and schematics.
  6. Provide informal and formal training for other utility team members as required through the “Utility training program”.
  7. Utilize construction and fabrication skills
  8. Ensure preventative maintenance routines are completed in a timely manner. Also, ensure mechanical integrity of the ammonia system per RMP/PSM guidance is followed.
  9. Develop corrective work orders as needed
  10. Ensure and monitor safe work practices and safety guidelines.
  11. Be actively involved in all of the 14+ elements of the PSM/RMP Programs
  12. Active member of the emergency response team
  13. Complete daily shift record keeping and reporting as required
  14. Perform basic PC skills



  • Must have the ability to work in a team environment.
  • Minimum of 5 years - Refrigeration and/or HVAC experience.
  • Fully understand the thermodynamics concept of the refrigeration cycle in its entirety.
  • Minimum of 2 years - boilers and compressed air experience. Waste water experience is an added plus.
  • Required to be certified through RETA as an Industrial Refrigeration Operator (CIRO). Also over a period of (2-years or less) work on passing the Certification (CRES) Program this is known as “RETA “Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist (CRES).
  • In reference to the CIRO Program this is a mandatory refrigeration certified program that must be maintained in the Bakersfield Utility Department but note at the time of considering this open position If the person does not meet this requirement, he may still be considered for the position if he is otherwise certified through RETA as a CARO, Level A or Level B Operator or none of the above at all ONLY under the following condition:

It is a MUST that the technician being hired takes and passes the RETA CIRO Certification Exam within 6-months from date of hire that person’s job within the Utilities Department will be terminated if not certified within that time period.

  • 40-hour Hazmat Certification desired
  • Strong aptitude for troubleshooting mechanical/electrical issues.
  • Ability to handle multiple and complex tasks.
  • Solid understanding of control circuits and the ability to troubleshoot to the PLC level.
  • Ability to read schematics and troubleshoot electrical components.




























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