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Level two Refrigeration Operators are expected to maintain optimal operation of industrial refrigeration systems and associated equipment.  This will be achieved by following operating procedures, planning/performing preventative maintenance, documenting inspections and rounds during operation, and close collaboration with the QA/QC team to maintain acceptable temperatures for all product types. 

Expected equipment to service are as follows; Control system (Manual and Computerized), Plate Freezers, Blast Freezers, Tunnel Freezers, Spiral Freezers, Compressors, Condensers, Purgers, Pumps, RSW Chillers, Ice Machines, and Cooler units.   

Key Responsibilities:

  • Operate the system following plant operating and maintenance procedures.
  • Perform in scheduled Mechanical Integrity Inspections, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. 
  • Ensure daily system logs are being performed.
  • Plan/Perform routine, pre/post season maintenance, and repair with either contractors or Refrigeration Technicians.
  • Gather pre/post season parts/ supply inventories.
  • Train Operator 1’s and Refrigeration Assistants in day-to-day activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Pursue qualification and certification as a Refrigeration Technician.

Additional Responsibilities: 

  • Actively participate in Tridents PSM program performing repair records, engaging in meetings, and engage in further training.
  • Acquires knowledge of Trident’s Environmental and Safety Policies by completing required training programs and performing designated work activities in accordance with training and procedures/work instructions.
  • Notifies designated personnel of any environmental or safety incidents or risks not previously documented, in accordance with Environmental Awareness and/or safety trainings.



  • Able to carry oneself in a professional manner away from work, representing Trident on and off the clock.
  • 3-6+ years of Industrial or Commercial Refrigeration Experience (Freon or Ammonia).
  • 2 years’ experience as an Operator 1
  • EPA Section 608 Universal Certification is optional, but not required.
  • Currently RETA and/or ASTI certified or willing to obtain certification within 1 year of employment as provided by Trident Seafoods.
  • Current 24-Hr. HAZWoper certificate or willing to obtain certification within 1 year of employment as provided by Trident Seafoods.
  • Ability to quickly identify issues or problems and notify supervisors. Knowledge of standard troubleshooting procedures and processes.
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work.
  • Ability to work well under pressure repeatedly for 12+ hrs. a day, 7 days a week.
  • Must have the flexibility to work fluctuating shifts structured around a 24-hr production schedule as needed.
  • Has an understanding of technical bulletins, service documents and system schematics.
  • Capable of working efficiently in fast paced environment with little direct supervision.
  • Willingness to take on new tasks to assist the team and grow one’s mechanical knowledge of the facility.
  • Must be willing and able to work in close quarters in a multicultural environment
  • Prompt and reliable attendance is an essential function of this position.


  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent.
  • Refrigeration Tech Program or job experience preferred.


  • RETA CARO Certification
  • RETA CIRO Certificatin or willing to achieve in one year
  • 24-Hr. HAZWoper.


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