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Position Title:      Refrigeration Mechanic

Department:         Plant Engineering

General Responsibility:

The troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of plant refrigeration and steam generation equipment, building and supporting facilities. Involvement in the planning and execution of installation, alteration and modification of existing and new equipment.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Respond to plant calls relating to refrigeration system processing deficiencies. Perform analysis of equipment operation and production methods to determine problem. Develop and implement solution to return to proper operation condition.
  2. Develops and implements solutions to reduce and eliminate reoccurring problems in a systematic manner.
  3. Investigates plans and executes maintenance work requests in a timely and cost effective manner. Scope of work includes but is not limited to repair, alteration and design of thermal, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, chemical and biological systems.
  4. Consults with plant personnel regarding the required or suggested equipment and facility repair and alteration.
  5. Prepares mechanical work requests to repair equipment, building and support facilities.
  6. Prepares purchase requisitions to procure needed materials for the completion of work requests.
  7. Consults with vendors to procure mechanical supplies, troubleshoot equipment problems and improve plant processes.
  8. Prepares material disbursement requisitions and time cards to accurately document costs for the completion of mechanical work requests.
  9. Plans and executes preventative maintenance work requests. Updates existing and writes new preventative maintenance routines to effectively improve equipment reliability.
  10. Performs daily operational checks on refrigeration and steam generation equipment.
  11. Performs daily checks on cooler temperatures to insure compliance with plant program.
  12. Performs daily inspection of plant fire protection and compressed air systems.
  13. Monitors usage of plant water, gas and electricity.
  14. Actively participates in the PSM process and project teams.
  15. Other duties as assigned.

Education Required:

An associate Degree in Refrigeration (preferred) or 2 years’ experience in Industrial Refrigeration and maintenance experience that will give the individual a well-rounded understanding of the specialized job knowledge as outlined below.

Physical Requirements:

Mechanics will spend the majority of their shift (8-12 hours) on their feet. They must service equipment in the plant, on the grounds, and in support buildings. This covers an area over 50 acres. This necessitates a great deal of walking on wet/slippery floors, and working on concrete / asphalt surfaces. Mechanics are expected to wear tool pouches on their waist while working (approximately 15 pounds).


Mechanics must climb on, over, under or through equipment, catwalks, railings, utility runs, small access doors, etc. Mechanics work in tight spaces under or between equipment, in crawl spaces above the ceiling and inside “confined spaces”. While in these areas, they must lift, lower or support equipment, as well as exert significant force on hand tools. Work performed in tight squatting and lifting with the legs rather than the back.


Work performed in dusty / smoky environments (such as grinding or welding galvanized metal) will require the use of mask or respirator. Temperatures will range from -30­º F to 100º F. Humidity levels will reach 100­% during sanitation.



Special Job Knowledge:


Performance of job requires good verbal and written communication skills, algebraic and geometric math skills and a thorough understanding of mechanical procedures as related to maintenance applications including but not limited to:

         HVAC Environment Systems

         Steam Generation Systems


         Mechanical Power Transmission

         Electrical Power Distribution

         Electrical Control Systems

         Basic Electronic Principals

         Hydraulic Controls and Power Distribution

         Pneumatic Controls and Power Distribution

The individual must exemplify the ability to work with minimal supervision.

Position reports to Refrigeration SMTs and Supervisor.

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