Quality Assurance Technician at Madisonville LA

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Purpose of the position

QA key job responsibilities are to assist the QA Manager and QA Supervisor with executing the company’s and plant’s vision and mission by assuring that all products meet regulatory, customer, and company specifications.

Responsibilities & duties

Responsibility 1 – QA Technicians are responsible for conducting pre-operational and post-operational SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices inspections and documenting the results.


▌Responsibility 2 – QA Technicians are responsible for conducting raw, in-process, and finish product testing (chemical and microbiological), along with product review of products against customer and company specifications and documenting the results.


▌Responsibility 3 – QA Technicians are responsible for notifying upper management of product failures and placing product on hold. QA Associates/Technicians are responsible for releasing product upon final disposition by management.


▌Responsibility 4 – QA Technicians are responsible for issuing corrective action reports for SOP/ SSOP/HACCP deviations and documenting follow up.


▌Responsibility 5 – QA Technicians are responsible for training employees and all other duties as required.


Academic qualifications

Essential: High School Diploma

Desirable: Associate or BS Degree in a science related field

Work experience & skills


 Computer skills

Good communication skills

Basic understanding of lab testing procedures


Previous QA or Food manufacturing experience



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