Maintenance/Refrigeration Supervisor at Henderson NV

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Position Summary

Ensure proper operation, maintenance and repair of all aspects of the ammonia system except for

major repairs and renovations. Maintain operational parameters and control operating costs. Exhibit

general maintenance knowledge and provide service to all aspects of the facility and coordinate with

management on the safety of all associates and the community in the event of an emergency

involving federal regulated processes. Demonstrate the company's core values of respect, honesty,

integrity, diversity, inclusion and safety.

Essential Job Functions

·Troubleshoot, repair and operate the complete cold storage facility system

·Communicate/educate all associates to ensure a safe working environment, eliminate equipment downtime and prevent potential ammonia releases

·Conduct routine inspections of the ammonia system and address any item in need of maintenance

· Obtain/monitor operational set points, control points and daily events related to hazardous materials/refrigeration

· Create an environment of continuous improvement

·Service, repair, adjust and test machines, devices, moving parts and equipment that operates primarily on the basis of mechanical principles

· Service, repair, calibrate, regulate, fine-tune or test machines, devices and equipment that operate primarily on the basis of electrical or electronic principles

Possess general maintenance knowledge and ability to properly repair/maintain all equipment and the facility overall

·Work with management to determine root causes for damage/maintenance and recommend changes in procedure/training

·Develop a preventative maintenance culture that protects company assets and avoids reactionary crisis management

·Perform routine maintenance on equipment and determine when and what kind of maintenance is needed

·Promote safe work habits and a safe work environment that promotes zero accident rates

· Track all costs related to the operation and maintenance of the ammonia system in order for it to operate at or below budgeted levels

· Create and maintain a library of blueprints, operating manuals, proper operating procedures and other data for accurate information

·Take ownership of process safety management (PSM) and risk management programs (RMP)

·Develop/train junior ammonia technicians

·Maintain high company standards of professionalism

·Create a competitive, responsive and informed workforce through good communication and involvement with the maintenance department

·Supervise and coach direct reports in the performance of their duties; complete performance reviews and provide feedback to direct reports

·Must be able to perform the essential job functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation

Minimum Position Qualifications

4+years of continual ammonia maintenance; excellent mechanical skills


Demonstrate a high level of troubleshooting, comprehension and operational experience

Excellent analytical, communication and mechanical skills

Strong experience in process controls and electrical fields

Must have a high skill level in ammonia refrigeration operation/maintenance

Complete Operator I, Il, & III training

Certified assistant refrigeration operator (CARO) & Certified industrial refrigeration operator (CIRO)

Desired Previous Experience/Education

5+ years maintenance

2+ years direct ammonia

4+ years hands on refrigeration work

Electric/general mechanical systems


Advanced training in refrigeration & controls

Proactive Maintenance Management

Leadership Behaviors: Achieves Results through Teamwork, Coaches and Develops Others, Communicates Effectively and Candidly, Executes with Excellence, Leads Change and Innovation, Leads through Positive Influence, Provides Clear and Strategic Direction,Puts the Customer First. For more information on the Kroger Leadership Behavior model, click here.

Education Level: Trade School Required

Required Travel: Up to 25%

Required Certifications/Licenses: None

Regions: West

States: Nevada

Keywords:Maintenance Ammonia Supervisor, Ammonia Supervisor, Refrigeration Supervisor




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