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Overall Goal of Position

Be an interracial part of producing quality products and help make OurRecipe@SauerBrands:

  • What are we making?
    • A safer, stronger, more sustainable Sauer Brands that forges a prosperous future for our families
  • Why are we making it?
    • To excite and delight our customers with inspired flavors
  • How do we make it? With
    • Integrity
    • Creativity
    • Executional Excellence
    • Teamwork
  • Where are we going? / What does our “product look like?
    • One of the most respected food companies on the planet, known for our passion, expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Job Summary

Maintain production flow by responding to requests for equipment assistance, trouble shooting and correcting machine problems, and conducting Preventative Maintenance tasks.

What will you do?

  1. Determine causes for equipment malfunction and take corrective actions to place equipment into proper operating condition. This includes both mechanical and electrical repair.
  2. Carry out Preventative/Predictive Maintenance tasks as issued.
  3. Modify production equipment to improve efficiencies in operation and maintenance.
  4. Move equipment and install new equipment as required to meet production needs.
  5. Perform highly skilled fitting, assembly and repair of machine components such as bearings, mechanical seals gear trains and operating mechanisms of all types of equipment.
  6. Fabricate sheet metal components using welding and cutting processes.
  7. Understand and follow instructions from assembly drawings and blueprints
  8. Skillfully set up and operate machine tools.
  9. Assist production teammates with start-ups, training and keeping machines running.

Successful Attributes:

  1. Must be willing and able to frequently stand, walk, push, pull, kneel, and reach
  2. Able to lift up to 50 pounds with or without reasonable assistance
  3. Must demonstrate excellent job performance in productivity, quality, safety and attendance.
  4. Time management skills
  5. Willing to learn the process from the ground up and able to work in a team environment.
  6. Excellent Organizational and documentation skills
  7. Outgoing personality and good customer service skills
  8. Must be able to work well without supervision and within a team environment
  9. Display a positive and strong work ethic
  10. Flexible schedule with overtime
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