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The Position:  Maintenance Refrigeration Technician     


The Refrigeration Technician provides industrial maintenance support to ensure the safe and effective operation of the production facility.  Serves as the technical expert in the maintenance work activities related to refrigeration and facility utility areas.   Key responsibilities include the maintenance, repair and safe operation of the production facility’s mechanical infrastructure, including ammonia-based refrigeration systems, HVAC systems and boilers.  Additional responsibilities include the repair, troubleshooting and maintenance of the facility manufacturing systems.


Keys to success will be the individual’s knowledge of refrigeration and manufacturing systems, the skills needed to maintain, repair and troubleshoot those systems, and the ability to effectively interact with internal customers with fellow team members and internal customers.   


Position Specific Accountabilities:


  • Troubleshoot and repair of ammonia based single and dual stage industrial refrigeration systems
  • Responsible for maintaining and repairing mechanical infrastructure systems – Boiler, air compressor, HVAC, plumbing and freezers
  • Take refrigeration logs to ensure equipment is within specifications.  Troubleshoot and help create resolutions for equipment not within specification. 
  • Review and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) 
  • Participate in ammonia incident/accident investigations
  • Perform work in compliance with PSM, OSHA, EPA, IAR requirements
  • Technical expert on shift in the area of refrigeration
  • Ability to troubleshooting and repair manufacturing systems related to facility production - pneumatics, bearings, seals, gears, chains and sprockets. Work in this area can range from 25% to 50% of work week. Driven by mechanical priorities, staffing and work orders.
  • Functional ability to use shop machinery and normal industrial tools to support repair needs
  • Carry out work orders/plans for maintenance needs and coordinate assigned activities with affected work groups.  Completed work should meet all human and food safety requirements.  
  • Understands Predictive Maintenance concepts and can interpret PdM findings to ensure appropriate repair are planned and executed
  • Ability to train others related to the use and maintenance of automated equipment
  • Actively participate as a team member on the facility Emergency Response Team
  • Safely perform several tasks at once as it relates to this position                       
  • Perform safety sensitive functions and identify, correct and improve potential safety items; both human and food
  • Report safety violations, hazards or near misses that you see or become aware of
  • Understand quality standards, follow those standards and know what to do and who to contact when some process is not functioning correctly
  • Maintain a clean, organized and sanitized work area/equipment/tools in a manner that meets food safety requirements of internal/external customers and regulatory agencies  
  • Understand and comply with Bama’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), including head covering, facial hair requirements, gloves, shoes, etc.
  • Understand and utilize measurement systems and tools specific to this position
  • Participate in all team activities and training (e.g., continuous improvement projects, plant safety initiatives, crossovers, stretching, etc.)
  • Understand manufacturing processes and drive continuous improvement
  • Provide written and oral communication to effectively communicate with all work groups
  • Ensure all paperwork is filled in legibly and correctly for area of responsibility
  • Perform the essential functions and physical requirements of the job with or without reasonable accommodation   
  • Regularly attend work on time and for the entire shift at the office or plant where you are scheduled
  • Complete job tasks and responsibilities as directed or required
  • Complete all required assessments and testing specific to this position
  • Work overtime as needed
  • Available for occasional travel to support technical development or other company needs
  • On call availability to support 24/7 operations 
  • Comply with all Bama policies and procedures



Bama’s Strategic Perspectives:  


People Are Wildly Important To Bama


  • Engage in Courageous Conversations and be willing to be engaged in them
  • Be responsible for personal safety, the safety of others in area of responsibility and abide by the standard that “nothing we do is worth getting hurt”


Customers Are Wildly Important To Bama


  • Understand how Bama’s manufacturing and quality systems work and your role in supporting these components of Bama’s strategy
  • Know that the quality of our product is what drives our business 
  • Strive to produce the highest quality product while reducing scrap and downtime


Process Improvements/Disruption – Reducing Variation in Everything Bama Does


  • Continuously improve everything you do
  • Train, train and re-train


Financial – Smart, Fun Growth


  • Think like owners
  • Understand that Bama is ONE BOAT and any part of the organization in need is everyone’s concern
  • Be concerned about systemic improvement not just “my area”



Physical Requirements:       


The physical requirements listed below for this position are considered essential functions of the job:


  • Actively participate as a team member on the facility Emergency Response Team to a level that meets the requirements of a HazMat Technician, which includes successful completion of the Hazmat Physical
  • Ability to work in confined spaces or on elevated working surfaces
  • Able to work in environments with exposure to potential allergens, including flour, cinnamon, etc.
  • Perform work related to depth perception and color recognition




Work Demand

Lift: waist to chest

Frequently                                               Occasionally

1-2 #'s-tools                              up to 55 #'s


Occasionally                   Frequently

55 #'s                                                15 #'s



Up to 50 #'s of force



Up to 50 #'s of force


2 times per shift         Occasionally                               Once a month

Ladders (12 ft); Steps (2-10);                                          Stairs (up to 24 steps);                                Straight ladders (up to 58 rungs)



Less than 10 min



Less than 10 min



Less than 20 min



Less than 10 min


Less than 1-2 X's/shift

Less than 10 feet


Occasionally                                                  Frequently

30-100 degrees-10 min                           At arm's length for adjustments


Occasionally                 Constantly

less than 20 min interrupted   Using small tools



Up to 30 minutes


Above listed physical requirements are validated as of 7/15/11 by One Source



Required Experience:


  • High School diploma or GED
  • Valid food handler’s card from Tulsa Health Department
  • Technical degree or equivalent experience/training as it relates refrigeration
  • Proven experience in maintaining and repairing ammonia based refrigeration systems
  • As required by local jurisdictions, ability to obtain first class license in agreed upon time period 
  • Proficiency in maintaining and repairing mechanical infrastructure systems
  • Proven experience in setup, teardown, troubleshooting of manufacturing systems. 
  • Proven safety record in past work history
  • Math and reading comprehension to understand and interpret technical manuals, bulletins, blueprints and schematics



Preferred Experience:


  • 5 years maintenance experience in manufacturing, preferably in the food industry
  • Certification through Refrigeration Engineers and Technicians (RETA) or Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator (CIRO)
  • Refrigeration recovery license
  • First Class Stationary Engineer license
  • Functional ability in basic Mig and Tig welding for repair purposes
  • Proficient in the use of shop machinery including mills, lathes, drill presses and normal industrial tools for repair purposes




Attributes and Characteristics:


  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills including the ability to:
    • 1) raise vital questions and problems and formulate them clearly and precisely;
    • 2) gather and assess data and information and use abstract ideas to interpret it effectively,
    • 3) come to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards;
    • 4) think open-mindedly about alternatives while recognizing and assessing their inherent assumptions, implications, and practical consequences; and
    • 5) communicate effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems.
  • Project and time management skills that allows for autonomous work or leading a team of co-workers
  • Deal politely and work cooperatively with team members and others in the facility, by listening to and respecting each other


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