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Position Purpose:

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the plant maintenance staff.  The Maintenance Operations Manager will schedule staff, assign daily projects and preventive maintenance to meet the operating needs of the plant.  Maintenance staff includes Maintenance, Refrigeration, Wastewater Treatment, Facilities and Fabrication Shop.


1. Principal Accountabilities:

25     Train, discipline and direct the Maintenance staff within the guidelines of budget and applicable labor laws to meet the plant’s operating needs.


25     Schedule the people and work activities to meet the preventive maintenance schedules and keep the plant operating to meet production goals.   Arrange for material needs associated with work activities.


20     Insures all preventive maintenance tasks are completed and updated in a timely basis and according to proper procedures, including budget management responsibility for plant maintenance costs.


10     Insures all work done by maintenance staff is completed using proper procedures and complies with manufacturer’s guidelines and OSHA regulations.


20        Plan and implement projects in the plant causing continuous improvement that results in improved productivity, quality and reduced costs. 


3.         Challenges in the Position:

A.     Most difficult and complex problems and challenges:

  • Keep plant operating with minimal down time in a 7 day operation.
  • Preventive maintenance and control of repair parts costs
  • Operator abuse and/or misuse of equipment.
  • Maintaining a trained staff with increasing complexity of manufacturing equipment.
  • Remaining current on government regulations influencing  our business


B.     How are the problems solved?

  • Communication with team and equipment manufacturers.    
  • Working on equipment, trying to arrange schedules without overtime to get jobs          completed.
  • Provide a positive environment for employees with regular training.
  • Motivate employees to continuously improve technical skills.
  • Interact with technical experts relative to government regulations.


4.         Controls in the Position:

A.     What kind of decisions can be made without requesting supervisory approval before taking action?

  • Scheduling people and tasks.
  • Disciplining employees.
  • Definition of suppliers and associated technical specifications.


B.     What kinds of decisions require supervisory approval before taking action?

  • Personnel hiring and firing
  • Budgeting
  • Shutting down production.
  • Requisitions

5.     Position Qualifications:

  • Complete knowledge of the plant, equipment, refrigeration and support systems.
  • A minimum of 10 years experience in plant maintenance is required with at least   5 years management experience.
  • Specific knowledge of electrical, hydraulics, power transmission, boilers, waste water, and ammonia refrigeration.
  • Ability to read and understand technical information.


8.     Principal contacts/frequency and purpose:


Hourly Employees                              Daily-schedules, tasks, responsibilities

Team Managers/Supervisors             Daily-tasks, schedules, responsibilities

Production Manager                           Weekly schedules, tasks needing completed.

QA Manager                                       Work orders

Plant Manager                                    Daily-tasks, schedules

Administration                                     Daily– downtime costs

VP Operations                                    Daily-tasks, schedules







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