Industrial Maintenance Mechanic at Tucker, GA

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 Hormel Foods has an opening for an experienced Industrial Maintenance Mechanic. Successful candidates will work in our food processing production facility located in Tucker, GA, and enjoy competitive wages along with a comprehensive benefits package.

Mechanic All Shifts typical duties

  • Troubleshoot and repair power transmission systems including hydraulic, pneumatic, chain and sprocket, belt and pulley
  • Rebuild equipment such as pumps, gearboxes conveying equipment
  • Inspect equipment using precision maintenance techniques such as infrared inspection, ultrasonic analysis, dial indicators
  • Basic fabrication techniques such as drilling, cutting, and griding metal
  • TIG weld stainless steel to fabricate new parts or repair broken parts as needed
  • Grease and oil equipment following lubrication best practices
  • Record all maintenance and repair performed
  • Utilize equipment manuals to identify repair parts and preventative maintenance strategies
  • Maintain equipment in a clean, food safe condition



Job Responsibilities:

  • Practice safe working procedures in accordance with safety policies of Hormel Foods.
  • Perform proactive and reactive maintenance on all production equipment, buildings, and grounds.
  • Use knowledge and skill to produce equipment and modify existing equipment to meet the needs of the production teams.
  • Direct activities of outside contractors working on assigned lines.
  • Change line for package changeovers.
  • Perform the necessary work with a minimum of direct supervision to identify and solve problems.
  • Use communication skills to keep Supervisors, Maintenance Engineers, and fellow team members informed of their progress.
  • Work independently under limited supervision (self-management).
  • Performs other tasks as assigned by management.

Applicants must be willing and capable of:

  • The ability to stand in one spot on a work stand or at a work station except during breaks and lunches.
  • The ability to perform repetitive hand & wrist motion throughout a shift.
  • The ability to frequently lift/push/pull 50+lbs as required throughout the course of a shift.
  • The ability to frequently twist and bend the body as necessary to perform job related tasks.
  • The ability to kneel/squat/climb as necessary to complete job related tasks.
  • The ability to frequently perform grasping & pinching motions to complete job related tasks.


  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Candidates will complete a maintenance assessment during the interview process.
  • Experience with basic electrical systems (e.g., starters, fuses, contacts, relays).
  • Experience with electrical systems (installation, frequency drive, troubleshooting).
  • Ability to utilize product manuals (e.g., reading and applying knowledge to make repairs).
  • Ability to utilize schematics (e.g., electrical blueprints with switches, starters, maps, relays).
  • Ability to troubleshoot mechanical breakdowns (pinpointing and fixing breakdowns).
  • Experience with troubleshooting (e.g., diagnostics, problem solving, etc.).
  • Experience with reading mechanical drawings (e.g., hydraulics, pneumatics).
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experience with mechanical systems (e.g., gear boxes, chains, sprockets, motors, seals, bearings).
  • Experience with compressors/ammonia systems (e.g., refrigeration systems).
  • Experience with electronics (e.g., level probes, flow meters, drives/VFDs, etc.).
  • Experience with hydraulic systems (high pressure cylinders, pumps, valves, troubleshooting).
  • Experience with PLC (e.g., industrial maintenance, computer control systems, etc.).
  • Experience with SERVO (e.g., intelligent/robotics motors, in-coders, etc.).


  • $27/hour & yearly raise
  • OT is earned on a daily and weekly basis


Hormel Foods Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status

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