Electrical Technician at Barron WI

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Job Responsibilities

1. Electrical maintenance, set up, installation, troubleshooting, and repair, of processing equipment and facility wiring, scales, metal detector, case and Prepricer Label Printers, Case & Piece Label Applicators, Programmable Logic Controller & equipment, PC programming, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, automation equipment

2. All associated electrical components used at our facility

3. Internal and external lighting

4. Maintenance repair and troubleshooting of the 12,470 volt electrical distribution system

5. Learn to use the Maintenance Management Computer System

6. Perform all requirements of the Reliability process and developmental review process

7. After a month orientation skills & performance evaluation period on 1st Shift, you will be assigned to 3rd Shift

8. There after seniority shift assignment to 1st as openings becomes open


Minimum Qualifications

* High school diploma or GED equivalent

* Demonstrate maturity of judgement, problem solving skills

* Able to use multimeters & electronic test equipment, read schematics and diagrams

* Able to handle various personalities during pressure situations

* Works well with coworkers & plant customers

* Ability to take appropriate action independently

* No performance work actions in the last 6 months

* Must have good Attendance

* PHYSICAL: No restrictions lifting 50 pounds

* Ability to work in hot, cold, wet environment

* Ability to climb ladders, and lifts

* No restrictions standing, stooping, crawling, bending, climbing, and performing overhead work


Preferred Qualifications

* Knowledge of Rockwell Automation software, programming and controls

* Excellent work attendance and safety record

* Proven high motivation, self reliance, and strong desire to learn and perform all aspects of the job

* Technical school certificate in electrical maintenance

* Five years of work experience in the electrical maintenance field

* Experience with high voltage (12,470 volt) distribution systems and transformer maintenance



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