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Responsible for maintaining the mobile equipment fleet in a state readiness, including heavy construction, automotive equipment, mechanical equipment and machinery.



  • Demonstrates a commitment to communicating, improving and adhering to safety policies in all work environments and areas.
  • Practice and promote safety in such a way as including but not limited to; assessing risks before starting tasks, only performing authorized activities, utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting equipment failures
  • Provide repair and maintenance to diesel and gasoline engines
  • Maintain and repair chassis, frames, and bodies
  • Work with hoisting and jacking equipment, power tools, and measuring instruments, gauges and meters
  • Maintain and repair tires, batteries, brakes and valves.
  • Performs inspections on completed jobs; ensures conformance with policies and procedures, safety codes.
  • Ensures proper documentation of maintenance and repair activities in logs and/or incident reports.
  • Maintain and effective system of communications with supervisor and customers
  • Adheres to all company safety policies and procedures.
  • Completes work orders and safety documentation in a timely manner.
  • Performs the appropriate shop equipment inspections, repairs, preventative maintenance for mobile equipment
  • Conducts routine inspections of mobile equipment and reports findings to supervisor
  • Capable to manage multiple tasks at once.




Required Education:  High school diploma/GED/3 years of in shop experience required.

Additional Education Preferred:   Associate's degree in Diesel Repair

Required Work Experience:  5 years of experience preferred.

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