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Job Summary & Key Focus

Our Delivery Services Associate is responsible for distributing our bakery products to our many foodservice customers efficiently and on-time every delivery day, per each customer’s requirements and expectations.  The duties within this position may vary between routes, due to differing customer requirements and expectations.

This is a Non-CDL driver position.

Key Personal Traits

Our Delivery Services Associate fully embraces our Prime Directives in the eyes of all our customers and Bakery Associates.


Driven by each customer’s requirements on each of our routes, our Delivery Services Associate will deliver our bakery products per those requirements on an on-going basis.



Our Delivery Services Associate clearly understands, fully supports, and is in compliance with each of our safety processes at all times. Regularly attends Delivery Services safety meetings.


Our Delivery Services Associate participates in an annual Education calendar that is designed to improve effectiveness and performance in our pursuit of excellence.


Product/Delivery Quality

Our Delivery Services Associate handles and delivers our products in an effort to meet each customer’s expectations, seeking 100% customer satisfaction with each delivery.

Food Safety

Our Delivery Services Associate helps in our pursuit of a Superior AIB score by keeping our loading dock neat and orderly, trash in appropriate containers, and truck and truck cab at a Superior level of cleanliness on a daily basis. 



Our Delivery Services Associate picks up all empty baskets and 4-wheel dollies at each account at the time of every delivery.

Cost Control

On a daily basis, each Delivery Services Associate will adhere to/be in compliance with our Daily Service Requirements.

On a bi-annual basis, each Delivery Services Associate will help re-design the routing plan, to take advantage of the seasonal changes that occur in our business in an effort to contain distribution costs.


Our Delivery Service Associate performs other duties as assigned.

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