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Ammonia Refrigeration Technician:


We are a union contractor – the successful candidate should have experience working for an industrial contractor or otherwise be able to demonstrate the skill set necessary to service and troubleshoot industrial ammonia and or industrial Freon refrigeration systems.


Skillset examples include – ability to rebuild ammonia pumps (Cornel, Teikoku, Viking, etc.) – ability to rebuild reciprocating compressors – experience installing rebuild kits for the major valve manufactures, knowledge of proprietary control systems such as Logix – experience with Frick, GEA, Mycom, and Vilter equipment, ammonia sensor calibration etc. Experience with system pump downs and startups is critical as well as the ability to troubleshoot issues during the pump down and startup.


Misc skills required:

  • Leak detection calibration (CTI, Honeywell, Drager, etc).
  • Experience with defrost sequence
  • Draining oil
  • Understanding of direct expansion, flooded, and recirculated systems
  • Ability to read and mark up P&ID’s (no CAD experience required – just the ability to red line corrections in the event drawings are inaccurate)
  • Preventive maintenance
  • PSM experience and understanding of the requirements while working on ammonia systems
  • Experience with screw compressor packages
  • Experience with liquid injection oil cooling and TSOC
  • Full understanding of the closed loop refrigeration cycle


**Applicants with significant commercial/industrial freon experience will be considered 


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