Refrigeration Operator

Refrigeration Operator at Alaska


Level two Refrigeration Operators are expected to maintain optimal operation of industrial refrigeration systems and associated equipment.  This will be achieved by following operating procedures, planning/performing preventative maintenance, documenting inspections and rounds during operation, and close collaboration with the QA/QC team to maintain acceptable temperatures for all product types. 

Refrigeration Operator at Dutch Harbor, AK.

Refrigeration Operator-The primary job responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to, maintaining proper operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment and machinery related to the refrigeration systems.  Specific duties include operation, repair and maintenance of the 3,700 hp ammonia refrigeration system, training and support of refrigeration employees, assists in hiring of staff, works closely with HR in counseling and documentation of discipline of staff, trains and enforces all company, State and Federal safety rules and operation regulations,