Industrial Manufacturing

Maintenance Technician- 2nd Shift at Louisville, CO

Position Overview

The Maintenance Technician is responsible for ensuring all plant operations and machinery are running effectively and efficiently.​

Essential Functions:

Analyzes and repairs all manufacturing equipment and systems

 Understands and performs processes on machines to ensure machine efficiencies

 Performs problem solving tactics using Electrical, Pneumatics and Schematics

 Preventative Maintenance on factory machinery  Reparation and maintenance of conveyor systems

R & D Project Engineer at Clackamas OR


Responsible for overseeing capital projects, predominantly in the processing areas of the business. Will play a vital role in supporting R/D, waste water treatment system, by product utilization projects. Will strive for continuous improvement by providing analysis of processes and systems in order to find solutions to problems and/or to increase efficiencies and product utilization. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Duties include but not limited to:

Facility Maintenance Supervisor at Melrose Park, IL

JOB TITLE: Facility Maintenance Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Building and Facility

PURPOSE: Supervise the day to day, and hour to hour activities of the maintenance and sanitation department(s) associates. Ensure that the planned maintenance and sanitation program procedures are being performed accurately and on a timely basis.


Accountable and Reports to Facility Maintenance Manager/Director and the Facility Maintenance Superintendent